The MorStor TF400 is INLINE Corporation’s high performing Fibre Channel RAID solution for enterprises with demanding storage needs. The TF400 features INLINE’s TruFibre architecture and four active Fibre Channel connections for a maximum throughput of 400 MB per second. The TF400 has all of the features that are the hallmarks of the MorStor TruFibre Channel Family. The system can hold a maximum of 348 drives for a total storage capacity of 25 Terabytes. It is the ideal solution for data centers, co-location facilities, storage service providers and any other mid-range to large organizations with a need for higher bandwidth and high availability for their data storage.

The TF400 is the powerful “big brother” of the MorStor TruFibre family. It has high performance and all the features that come standard in the TruFibre series.