SCSI storage

Ultra SCSI Storage

Storage devices utilizing Ultra SCSI interfaces provide customers with a tried and true technology for their storage needs. SCSI is a parallel I/O bus that has transfer speeds of up to 80 MB per second and can connect multiple devices. Because of this SCSI has been used for storage for quite some time, even though the technology was originally developed for other peripheral devices.

MorStor U320: Legacy Storage Technology

INLINE Corporation’s MorStor U320 uses the Wide Ultra SCSI2 standard, a 16-bit bus capable of 80 MB per second transfer rates, the maximum currently available using any SCSI storage standard. For organizations looking for a tried and true, legacy standard the U320 is an excellent choice. The U320 can be used in a Storage Area Network, as part of a NAS appliance or as Direct Attached Storage. It is ideal for workgroups and organizations who need additional storage capacity, but are not yet ready for Fibre Channel.


With dual active array controllers the U320’s performance is virtually doubled. Dual LVDS host channels and high performance LVDS disk drives eliminate the controller bottlenecks that are typical in other systems.


Redundant, hot swappable components provide fault tolerance and allow the repair or replacement of parts without experiencing any costly system downtime. The use of global hot spares allows for automatic unattended disk rebuilds in the event of a disk error or failure.


Like all INLINE storage solutions, the U320 contains modular components, allowing customers to easily expand storage capacity without sacrificing initial investments. Multiple U320 arrays can be linked together providing users with almost unlimited capacity.

RAID Levels Supported:

0, 1, 3, 5, 0+1, 5+1 and JBOD