A NAS system is a specialized device whose function is to serve files to clients through a direct connection to a network such as a LAN. A NAS device consists of two parts: 1) An engine which handles file services using standard network file system (NFS) or common Internet file system (CIFS) commands; and 2) One or more storage devices on which the data is stored. The engine and storage device may be encased in a single box or they may be two separate boxes connected together by a SCSI or Fibre Channel host bus adapter. Because a NAS system moves data in files as opposed to blocks, it is most often implemented in situations where the primary requirement is the shared access of files by a number of clients. Other Common applications for NAS include consolidated storage, Internet and e-commerce applications, and digital media. NAS systems are usually not appropriate for high-performance applications such as databases.

INLINE Corporation manufactures and markets a high-performance, redundant NAS device known as NetRAID. It delivers fast, simple, reliable and cost-effective file service. Based on software specifically engineered by the company for data access, NetRAID accelerates application performance, scales from small workgroups to large enterprise environments, and accommodate the world’s most technologically diverse and demanding networks.

Benefits of INLINE NetRAID NAS:

Easy To Add

NetRAID NAS devices can be added to the network in a matter of minutes, without the need to bring the LAN down.

Increases Efficiency of Network Servers

Because the NetRAID NAS is designed specifically to serve files you can offload high-bandwidth, file-serving tasks and allow the Network Server to focus on critical business tasks such as application handling and e-mail.

Facilitates Sharing of Data

NetRAID NAS allows you to connect to multiple operating systems and share data among disparate clients and servers. It supports both the Unix Network File System (NFS) protocol and the Microsoft Common Internet File System (CIFS) in order to facilitate cross-platform data sharing

Minimizes Staffing Costs

Because of simplified file serving nature of NetRAID NAS, the management and maintenance required is negligible compared with network server Direct Attached Storage.